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Kamen Rider ZI-O - New Rider Hero Finally Revealed

Finally, after months of speculations, teasers in the form of silhouettes and rumors, we now have our first look at the newest rider hero, Kamen Rider ZI-O!

Our first fully revealed possible image of Kamen Rider ZI-O comes from the new Buttobasoul advertisement. As we can see from the design, the helmet resembles that of a wristwatch (a rolex type) with the strap going down his torso armor.

Now, the only thing left for us to wait is watch-out for the newest issues of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine for our first full body look of Kamen Rider ZI-O.

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16 Responses
  1. The kanji on his head spells 'RA-I-DA'

  2. Anonymous Says:

    He is a watch..... I really hope the vibe is a cross between den o and decade now, travel through different times to help the past riders, doesn't sound too bad right?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    His helmet screams Wizard

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Looks ugly... I prefer the rumored design.. Let's hope it has a good plot..

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Just like what i thought,his antennae resemble clock's hands..
    What a surprise his design is Watch! So we'll have another passing through rider again this year? (Decade, your time is over)
    I wonder his another form is inspired from famous watches brand around the world haha..
    Like his visor! We have shinkenger rider this year

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Kamen Rider version of Timeranger

  7. Anonymous Says:

    10 PINK

  8. Asshole Says:

    Eyes are a little weird, but, I do like the wristwatch design, especially the band going down the torso. Wonder if his fins/hands will will move (looks like he's twisting the notch on his face), and what his gimmick is.

    Kind of hoping for another Decade-esque rider, handled a little better. I like the design, just need a full body shot, and more info on story/gimmicks.

    (Not even going to wonder about a Clock-Up moveset... every damn recent Rider seems to have it anyway.)

  9. Unknown Says:

    His visor spells out Rider (ライダー). Nice touch.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    helmet bit like wizard

  11. Unknown Says:

    I'm getting a decade vibe now

  12. Anonymous Says:

    oh wow a watch.......after ring, belt, now watch...what next? a tie....

  13. Unknown Says:

    i like how Zi-O looks already, this could be a great season.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    zeo call! zeo! stronger than before! go! zeo! *sings power rangers zeo theme*

  15. Jimmy Says:

    so almost every time travel rider is pink

  16. Jimmy Says:

    i can already tell the name for each form. G-Shock for heavy tanker form. Rolex for elegant form. xD - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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