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Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Prime Time Special Announced! Veteran Rangers Return!

Thanks to the good folks at IGN, it is confirmed that a Power Rangers anniversary special celebrating 25 morphinomenal years of power will air this august!

This prime time special will see the return of veteran rangers joining the Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel in a battle against a powerful new foe.

Included in the list of returning rangers are Green MMPR Ranger (Jason David Frank), Pink Turbo Ranger (Catherine Sutherland), Red Time Force Ranger (Jason Faunt), White Dino Ranger (Jeff Parazzo), Silver RPM Ranger (Li Ming Hu), Gold Samurai Ranger (Steven Skyler), Yellow Megaforce Ranger (Ciara Hannah) and Blue Dino Charge Ranger (Yoshi Sudarso) and more to come.

This special episode is set to air on August 28, 2018 so be sure to catch it! 

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hopefully, this will be better than the previous attempts at a big crossover event.

  2. I'm happy to hear about this special... But there are two problems. Having RPM Silver and Blue Dinocharge. Both rangers currently reside in an alternate timeline so I have no idea how they would travel to the main timeline in a way that doesn't sound lazy

  3. Anonymous Says:

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