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Ultra Prop Replica Evol Thruster & Blast Shot Set Official Images

Unleash the inner Ultraman in you as a deunamist with this new offering from the good folks at Ultra Prop Replica: the Evol Thruster and Blast Shot set from Ultraman Nexus!

The Evol Thruster is the transformation item that is used by the Deunamist to transform into Ultraman Nexus in the TV series and will have 4 sounds for Anphans, Junis, Junis Blue and ultraman Noah whereas the Blast Shot, a Deunamist's main weapon, will have to modes, air burst and gun mode and has lights and sounds.

The Ultra Prop Replica Evol Thruster & Blast Shot Set will be sold for 10,800 yen with a December 2018 release date and pre-orders ending this September.

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