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Ultraman R/B - A Bond Between Brothers! Here Comes Ultraman R/B Kourin!

Check-out this newest Ultraman R/B scans from the latest issue of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine featuring the upcoming fusion form for our Ultra siblings: Ultraman R/B Kourin!

After our brothers got their butts kicked by Makoto Aizen who is now an Ultra warrior called Ultraman Orb Dark, they will find a way to beat his powers and they will eventually acquire a new crystal, a ring of light called the Kiwami Crystal. Using the power of this newfound crystal, the brothers will fuse and become one being of light called Ultraman R/B Kourin!

Just how powerful is this new fusion form for Rosso and Blu? Let's all find out this September on Ultraman R/B!

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