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AKB48 Rookies Dominate Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament

In what looks like the world's biggest game of rock-paper scissors, a couple of rookies were crowned the "Janken Queens" in AKB48's annual Janken Tournament.

On September 23, 2018, Kyoka Tada (left on the photo) and Yumi Matsuda (pictured right), together known as "Fortune Cherry", rose to the top by beating 47 other units to gain the top spot.

Girls from all the sister groups of AKB48 all over Japan came together to form units ranging from 2 to 16 members, though some members participated as solo. All of the 48 participating units/individuals were selected from preliminary rounds held at a handshake event about a month earlier.

The 48 finalists went on to the main event held at the Katayanagi Arena in Tokyo. At the start of the main event, it was announced beforehand that the winning team/individual will debut as a unit or solo, and the release date is set to be December 19, 2018.

The other units that came in 2nd to 4th place will also be given songs, albeit serving as coupling songs for the upcoming single.

Kyoka Tada and Yumi Matsuda both entered as members in November 2017 as part of AKB48's 3rd Draft Auditions, where all 48-based groups handpick their chosen girls to become members. Kyoka Tada was drafted into AKB48's Team 4, and Yumi Matsuda was drafted into HKT48's Team T2. Being with their respective groups for only less than a year and currently under 'trainee' status, They are also the first trainees/rookies to have won the said tournament.

According to both girls they chose to form a unit due to both being from Fukui Prefecture and being from the same draft audition.


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