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My Top 10 Kamen Rider Swordsmen

Top 10's are back! This time I'm going back to my fascination of swords and swordsmanship, listing my top 10 from the Kamen Rider Series.

Although Kamen Riders were initially introduced as primarily masters of unarmed combat, swords eventually became a staple for the franchise, especially in the Heisei era.

For this top 10 I'll be considering the following:
- The riders must have fought extensively using swords. Just having swords in the arsenal is not enough.
- The weapons don't have to be strictly swords, but must be similar enough in form and function that the weapon is considerably a sword.
- I will allow multiple entries from the same show if necessary.
- Movie-exclusive riders can be included.

As usual, this is solely based on my preferences so tell us who your favorite rider swordsmen are in the comments.

1. Kamen Rider Knight

Ryuki has his sword vent, but Knight was the pure swordsman. Not only is he more skilled than Ryuki, he also uses swords like, every time. Although Knight's sword vent is actually a lance, the way it was used was definitely as a sword.

2. Kamen Rider Blade

Obvious from his name alone, Kamen Rider Blade sliced and diced his way through the Battle Fight. The King Rouser is one of my favorite swords in the series. Also his Royal Straight Flush is my favorite sword-based finisher in the Kamen Rider franchise.

3. Kamen Rider Gaim

As expected from a samurai-based rider, it's natural that Gaim spams his Musou Saber and Daidaimaru, typically using them in conjunction. Even as he gained access to all the other riders' weapons via Kiwami Arms, Gaim still preferred the use of his swords.

4. Kamen Rider Den-O (Sword Form)

Despite Den-O having access to various weapons when switching forms, Sword Form is the only default form in the franchise to almost exclusively rely on sword-based finishers (he still has a rider kick though). And as he gains to more powerful forms like Climax and Liner Forms, swords are still an integral part of his fighting style.

5. Kamen Rider Brave

The second knight-themed rider on the list Kamen Rider Brave applies precision surgical skills to his swordsmanship. Simply no less for a surgeon of high caliber.

6. Kamen Rider Sasword

As one of the main swordsmen in Kamen Rider Kabuto (the other being Gatack), Sasword makes the list for being the more skilled swordsman. And even out of suit he still manages to take down low level worms, given that he wields the Discabil Sword.

7. Kamen Rider Zangetsu

Another rider from the Gaim series, Zangetsu is also one of the best swordsmen of the show. Despite the Melon Defender being a powerful weapon in its own right, he's also the only other rider with the Musou Saber for the sake of having a main offensive weapon. Also, even as he gains the Sonic Arrow, Zangetsu uses it more like a sword most of the time.

8. Kamen Rider New Den-O

The direct successor of Den-O also inherits an affinity for swords. Although he has his own Den Gassher, New Den-O prefers the use of Teddy/Neotaros in Macheteddy/Machete form. His precisely timed attacks make for some interesting techniques.

9. Kamen Rider Wizard

Wizard's swordsmanship is probably the fanciest I've ever seen with all his acrobatics and sword twirling. Especially in Flame Dragon, Wizard can wield 2 Wizard Swordguns at once.

10. Kamen Rider Black RX

RX is probably the first pure swordsman of the  entire franchise. Despite gaining an improved rider kick, it was mainly used to set up enemies for his true finisher, the Revolcrash. Despite the Revolcane being technically a rod type weapon, it was by function, a sword. He does gain an actual sword upon transforming into Biorider.

Honorable Mentions:

Kamen Rider Baron
Kamen Rider Ghost
Kamen Rider Beast
Kamen Rider Kabuki
Kamen Rider Kaiza

Special mentions are Kamen Riders Femme and Kivala for being the only female riders in this category. I just wish there were more women in this category.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and as always, see you in the next one.

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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3 Responses
  1. Mostly agree with all of your top 10, looking forward for top 10 gun-users rider in the future

  2. No RX’s Kick is weak compared to Black’s Rider Kick.

  3. Unknown Says:

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