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Kamen Riders Revvin' Up Cosplay Mania's 10th Anniversary

Check-out this hi-res photos of the Kamen Rider cosplay group (and get to know them all) that is one of the best highlights of the recently held 10th anniversary of Cosplay Mania!

Introducing team Webrangers a.k.a. Brokusatsu, a group of cosplayers specializing/dedicated in cosplaying the cast of the Spiderverse and also that of Kamen Riders, Ultraman, Metal Heroes and Super Sentai/Power Rangers. Some of the members are also friends of Kamen Rider Nimoy, the #1 hero helmet maker in the Philippines and are also using his masterfully done helmets.

And without further delays, here are some of the photographs that i took of them at the event! Boy, these guys and gals are the best! 

And here are the members that was present at the event (from right to left): Kamen Rider Poppy (Mikaela Marie Reyes Santos), Kamen Rider Rogue (Katsutoshi Katsu Santos), Kamen Rider Ghost (Jami Mixel), Kamen Rider Kabuto (John Rey Sabangan the master crafter of their suits ), Kamen Rider Nigo (Fred Medrano) and Kamen Rider Ichigo (Jon Gani).

Interested in knowing more about them? Well, just visit the official Webrangers facebook page and see more awesome shots of these incredible men and women of the Philippine cosplay community! 

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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