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My Top 10 Red Ranger Mecha

In this top 10 list, I've had the idea of counting down my top 10 red ranger mecha from the Super Sentai franchise.

The inclusion of mecha/robots probably became the most defining point of Super Sentai. In fact, this very idea put the "Super" in Super Sentai.
With the exception of Battle Fever Robo, most early sentai mecha came in parts of 2 or 3. It was only in Hikari Sentai Maskman that the 5-piece mecha started becoming popular.
Later on, the concept of more individualized mecha was introduced, particularly in connection with the red rangers. Since they are mostly the leaders of their respective teams, some red rangers would receive their own mecha that can stand alone, or become a central part in the gattai/formation.

For this list I'll be considering the following:
- All mecha included in this list have a robot/humanoid-looking form.
- Obviously these mecha are primarily piloted by red rangers, but some of the entries on this list can be piloted by other rangers, or the entire team.
- Some of the mechas in this list can be components of bigger gattai mecha.

As always this list will come in no particular order and is solely based on my preferences, so if you have your own favorites, please share them in the comments.

1. Ryuseioh

Though I usually state that my lists are in random order, I'm starting off with my most favorite red ranger mecha, Ryuseioh.

Ryuseioh is the first sentai mecha to be piloted by a single red ranger. It has been shown to take down enemies on its own but gains more power by utilizing the Heavenly Chi Palace formed by the other Kidenjuu, or combining with them to form Dairenoh.

2. Gobuster Ace

Red Buster's signature mecha is probably one of the most versatile in the list. Being the only Buster Machine with 3 modes, CB-01 was handy in many situations. Its vehicle mode can chase down enemies around town at high speeds, the Cheetah mode can pounce on enemies and fire lasers and as Gobuster Ace it can end battles on its own by firing missiles, and by utilizing the Buster Sword, can shut down enemies with the Buster Slash (and later, the more powerful Resolution Slash).

3. Firekaiser

Magired was able to befriend Wolzard's horse Valkyrion at one point, when Magired saved him from an almost fatal wound. To return the favor, Valkyrion allowed himself to combine with Magired to form Firekaiser.  This was only temporary though, as Valkyrion was still very loyal to Wolzard. Although Magired would gain another partner in the form of Unigolon and form Saintkaiser with it, both forms are too similar and I personally prefer the backstory of this one better.

4. V-Fire

VRV Master gave the Victory Ranger Vehicles as a more powerful replacement for RV Robo at a time when it was in enemy hands. Red Racer's V-Fire is a firetruck that is both useful in battles and putting out big fires.

5. Red Blocker

Although Red Puncher is a more iconic mech from Ohranger, I prefer Red Blocker. As with all the Blocker Robos, Red Blocker can use giant versions or Ohred's arsenal and by extension his techniques.

6. V-Rex Robo

One of my favorite red rangers, Timefire, also has one of the best mechs in the franchise.

Most rangers control their mecha from the inside, but V-Rex Robo is one of the sentai mecha to be completely remote-controlled. This allows Timefire to deal with both giant-sized enemies by sending voice commands, while remaining on the field to clean up foot soldiers and normal-sized enemies. This is also the only Timeranger mech to have an ability that actually obliterates enemies instead of just shrinking and freezing them, the Max Burning. Timered controls this mecha in the final battle.

7. Max Ohja

By obtaining the power of Abaremax, Abared also gains control over Max Ohja. It is powerful on its own with an array of already devastating attacks, but becomes even more powerful by combining with other Bakuryuu. Although primarily piloted by Abaremax alone, he can also have Abareblue and Abareyellow on board. It has also been shown to have been piloted individually by Abareblue and Abareblack on some occasions.

8. God Beast Saruder

Ninjared gains the ability to summon the power of God Beast Saruder later in Kakuranger. While most red component mecha become heads torsos or the main/base body of the whole gattai, God Beast Saruder becomes the right arm of Kakure Daishogun (although Red Saruder formed the body of Muteki Shogun). It's equipped with 2 swords that can combine at the pommels for a powerful cut.

9. Lion Ha-Oh

While all the Ninningers can use the Chouzetsu Shuriken given by Shishio, it is Akaninger Chouzetsu who pilots this mecha exclusively. Lion Ha-Oh has powerful attacks in both flying fortress and Ha-Oh modes.

10. Gigant Ho-Oh

Gigant Ho-Oh has the ability to fly to outer space at mach speeds and deliver powerful finishers. Despite being able to combine with Kyuren-Oh, Gigant Ho-Oh is very powerful enough on its own.

Special Mentions:

Red Puncher
Red Saruder

Note: I chose Red Puncher as the thumbnail because like I said, he's iconic. But I still prefer Red Blocker.

Again, if I missed your favorites tell us in the comments.

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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