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Ultraman R/B - New Ultra Heroes & Kaiju Names Revealed

Thanks to this scanned image of an all new toy promotion for Ultraman R/B, the names of the all new characters and forms for the soon-to-be announced movie are finally revealed and it also reveals the name of the new female Ultra!

Seen on the image are

  • Ultrawoman Kurijiyo/Kurishiyo - Believed to be Asahi's ultra form
  • Ultraman Gurube - A triple fusion for the siblings
  • Ultraman Toregia - Said to be Makoto Aizen's new form
  • Pega - Ultraman Geed's trusty alien Pega sidekick
  • Snake Darkness - The movie's main kaiju

Now, let's all wait for more updates regarding this wonderful news. And yes, i'm excited to see 

Source: Tokusatsu Insight

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