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Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Gold Ranger Confirmed?

Thanks to this leaked on-the-set image from Power Rangers Beast Morphers, it looks like we finally have our Gold Ranger!

From Rangerwiki:

"Gold hoodie confirmed for Power Rangers Beast Morphers! With this photo we would like to officially confirm that Abraham Rodriguez's character Nate is indeed wearing a golden brown hoodie. But let's not jump to conclusions just yet. He may be the Gold Ranger, sure, but let's wait for more information. Beside him is the suit actor for the golden Beast Bot who turns into the Silver Ranger."

As usual, let's all wait for Hasbro's official confirmation regarding the actor and identity of the Gold Ranger!

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1 Response
  1. "Gold Ranger confirmed?"

    LOL have you not watch Go-Busters before? Of course Gold Ranger would appear eventually! - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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