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Toei Announces a New Tokusatsu Project

Toei has announced that they will launch a new tokusatsu series based on kaiju.

Entitled "Kaiju Ward Gyaras" the series is set to be released exclusively on the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club.

The cast members have already been revealed on the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club homepage; and all of them are veteran Toei Tokusatsu actors and actresses.

In the lead role is Makoto Okunaka potraying Erika Katase a girl who is having bizarre experiences involving the kaiju Gyaras. Makoto Okunaka is best known as the lead female from Kamen Rider Wizard Koyomi Fueki.

The rest of the revealed cast members are Keisuke Minami Tsurugi Ootori/Houou Soldier from Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger as an IT company representative. Kouhei Yamamoto and Nao Nagasawa who portrayed Kouta Bitou/Hurricane Yellow and Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue respectively in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger are also reunited in this show. Kouhei Yamamoto portrays a bar master while Nao Nagasawa portrays a mysterious scar-faced woman.

Gyaras cast from left to right: Kouhei Yamamoto Makoto Okunaka Keisuke Minami and Nao Nagasawa
Directing the show will be Ryotaro Kogushi from the Tokusatsu Research Institute with screenplay by Kaori Kaneko and produced by Hideaki Tsukada.
The show is set for release in spring 2019.

See the promotion video below!



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