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SKE48 Ikinari Punchline National Handshake Event

We're back to idol events as we visit SKE48's handshake event!

Thanks by the way to the kind staff who gladly took the photo you see featured on the thumbnail :D

See the vlog below to know more about what happened at the Ikinari Punchline national handshake event at Port Messe Nagoya on Dec. 8, 2018 below!

And I'm introducing a new project for the channel/page!


SKE48 23rd single Ikinari Punchline
Photos taken from the venue:

A standee of Jurina Matsui and a few member autographs to the right

More autographs by members (my favorite member Marika Tani's is on the lower left)

Jurina and other members on AEON Cards

Costumes worn by Jurina: Ikinari Punchline (white) and SKE48 10th Anniversary (blue)

Dropping by ESCA Nagoya before going home to look for Marika's poster

Members we met that day:

Marika Tani (My SKE favorite)

Jurina Matsui (Dan's favorite)

Suzuran Yamauchi (it was her birthday on that day)

Kaho Sato

Kano Nojima

Someone we were supposed to meet but couldn't due to time constraints:

Nao Furuhata


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