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Kamen Rider ZI-O - Introducing Kamen Rider Geiz Revive! Black Woz Transforms & Decade Returns!

Check-out our first look at Kamen Rider Geiz Revive form plus some good news about Black Woz and the return of the destroyer of worlds, Kamen Rider Decade!

Harnessing the power that is stored in the Shinobi, Quiz and Kikai Miride Watches thru the Geiz Revive Ride Watch, Geiz will now transform into his powerful form which was said to defeat the Demon King; Kamen Rider Geiz Revive!

In this form, Geiz has 2 combat modes: the orange armored version has high defensive capabilities while the blue one has superior offensive firepower and is armed with the Zikan JackClaw!

And as for the Demon King's loyal herald, it looks like he will be transforming into Kamen Rider Woz next month! That's not all, the destroyer of worlds, Kamen Rider Decade is also back to kick some serious time travelling butts and this time, he is back in his disguising habit as a cop. Could this mean that they are visiting Kamen Rider Drive's timeline?

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3 Responses

  1. To correct the original ppst, Geiz Revive's Two Modes are as follows:
    - Orange form (Gouretsu or Blazing Mode): Extreme power attacks with his Zikan JackClaw in Noko (Chainsaw) Mode for high-power slicing.
    - Blue form (Shipuu or Hurricane Mode): Extreme speed attacks with his Zikan JackClaw in Tsume (Claw) Mode for supersonic strike attacks. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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