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Kamen Rider ZI-O - Reviving The Savior! Kamen Rider Geiz Revive! Another ZI-O Appears!

The hero who will save the future from the demon king has finally arrived! Check-out these newest Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine scans featuring the savior of 2068, Kamen Rider Geiz Revive and a new enemy, Another ZI-O!

After acquiring the Geiz Revive Ride Watch, which houses the power of the 3 future riders, Geiz will now power-up into his powerful form, Kamen Rider Geiz Revive! In this form, he has 2 modes: the orange colored Gouretsu, which relies heavily on raw power and is armed with the Zikan Zaclaw Noko Mode while the blue colored Shippu, relies on super speed and is armed with the Zikan Zaclaw Tsume Mode.

Besides Geiz receiving a new power-up, the Time Jackers also get what they have been waiting for; the power of the demon king! And the chosen one to wield this power is a mysterious young man named Hiryu Kakogawa. Just like Kamen Rider ZI-O, Another ZI-O can transform into the past Another Riders that ZI-O and Geiz defeated in their early battles. 

As previously reported earlier, Black Woz will finally use the BeyonDriver to transform into Kamen Rider Woz, Kamen Rider Decade returns to pester our time travelling heroes and the previous Ride Armors will be used once again!

Source: The Geek Cauldron

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