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Kamen Rider ZI-O Episode 32 Title & Summary

The Time Jackers have stolen Kamen Rider Agito's powers! To keep on fighting, Shouichi once again equips the G3 armor on a mission to retrieve his powers back!

Episode 32 "2001: Unknown memories" 4/21/19

"Another Agito attack incident breaks out after the G3 System is preparing itself for battle! After planning to meet up with Kamen Rider Agito himself, Sougo and the others finally come face to face with Shouichi Tsugami! But what quickly appeared there was a Time Jacker! They're using the power of Kamen Rider Agito to create an Agito Ride Watch, of which they embed within the body of Another Agito! Sougo begins to struggle against the threat of a strengthened Another Agito. In the midst of battle, Tsukuyomi uncovers a secret power hidden deep within herself, when just then Shouichi appears..."

Source: SpecialForm12

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