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Kamen Rider ZI-O - Which Kuuga Will Return?

With the Kamen Rider Drive arc coming sooner than expected, a question looms around: which Kamen Rider Kuuga will return? Will it be Godai Yuusuke? Or the alternate dimension Kuuga, Onodera Yusuke?

We all know that its impossible for Joe Odagiri to return and reprise his role as the hero who reignited the Kamen Rider franchise but if you have seen the recently released Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever movie, it was his voice clips that was used for Kamen Rider Kuga. They can still do this by just doing a voice-over for Kuuga just like in this movie. So can the impossible be made possible?

As for the possible option, it was recently announced by Ganbaride that Ryota Murai will be back to voice Kuuga in his Rising Ultimate Form as part of the Kamen Rider Decade 10th anniversary commemoration. We all know that Decade will be making his 3rd appearance in the Kamen Rider ZI-O TV series and this might be the chance that AR Kuuga will return.

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, nobody said that it must be the main Rider to make a come back (as we've seen in Kiva tribute episode which absolutely no Riders have come back), it could be someone else and I'm thinking about the police inspector Ichijou Kaoru.

    Which seems possible as the actor came back to give his voice for some line for a mobile phone toy that comes with the CSM Arcle Belt.


    Recently, a tweet from Miho Kido (actress for Me Garima Go) went crazy for the the Kuuga fans in Japan. She had a drink with some of the original cast of the Kuuga series and the original director, Hidenori Ishida and main star, Joe Odagiri were also there.

    The tweet ends with "Everyone hasn't change a bit. Kuuga Team ftw (the ftw part is just my own translation for 最強)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Godai is dead. We saw *his* body with his trademark shirt in the tomb. The Kuuga power was then stolen from his dead body to be used for the Kuuga ridewatch. The "resurrected" Kuuga in the movie wasn't Godai, but the spirit of Kuuga itself. This is evident that all those riders were spirits because the Decade that showed up didn't have the Neo-Decade Driver but had the 1st white version.

    We will get the AR Kuuga in the Zi-O TV series. This is why Decade was included in the series; a way out for using non-OG cast.

  4. Unknown Says:

    The Kuuga Ridewatch was obtained from the corpse of Riku (The first person to become Kuuga and the one who sealed the Grongi) not Godai. The movie even states that it takes place a day before the events of Kuuga happened.

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