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Toei Hints On Another Kamen Rider Drive Saga?

We all saw the ending of the recent Kamen Rider Brain mini-series and we wondered if this is Toei's hint that there will be another Kamen Rider Drive saga. Could this be possible? Let's all talk about it for the moment and be warned that there will be spoilers.

At the end of the final part of Kamen Rider Brain, we all saw that Gou Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach is working on a top secret project that involves a Neo Core Driviar and he plans to review the 3 prime Roidmudes and along with them, his friend Chase/Kamen Rider Chaser whose prototype body was also seen, through the available data that he has acquired.

Also, suit actor and action director for Kamen Rider Brain, Jun Watanabe, recently mentioned that he was also working on another project at the time that the mini-series was shot. Could this mean that there will be a sequel for Kamen Rider Drive? Will we ever see Medic transform into a Kamen Rider?

So what do you think of this? Post your thoughts on the comment section.

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