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Ultraman Taiga - Summaries For The First 4 Episodes

With more than 2 weeks before the new show airs, read all about the summaries for the first 4 episodes of Ultraman Taiga that will premiere this July 2019!

Episode 01 "Buddy Go!" 7/6/19

12 years has passed since Ultraman Taiga, the son of Ultraman Taro, and the members of the Tri Squad went missing after their battle with the evil Ultraman Tregear. Hiroyuki Kudo, an agent of E.G.I.S is hot on the trail of an alien case and will soon encounter an event that will change his life.

Episode 02 "Tregear" 7/13/19

Hiroyuki reunites with his childhood friend, who he trust greatly, in a strange way. Just the, Ultraman Tregear appears. What is the secret hidden in the Alien's Monster Weapon Operation? 

Episode 03 "Avenger of the star" 7/20/19

An astronaut, Rento Kujo, who was long presumed dead, suddenly appears and sends an assassination to the president of Cosmo Technic. Soon, Hiroyuki Kudo takes action.

Episode 04 "Song of flock" 7/27/19

Foreign Affairs X is making a follow-up on an alien case which was brought to E.G.I.S. Suddenly, Viran Gild sets up a monster bomb in the city!

Source: Nihon Hero

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