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Complete Selection Modification Amazons Driver Official Images & Promotional Videos

Unleash the inner beast within you as Premium Bandai posted the official images, complete with 2 promotional videos, for the Complete Selection Modification Amazons Driver from the Kamen Rider Amazons TV series.

The 1/1 replica of the transformation belt that Jin Takayama, Haruka Mizuawa and Jun Maehara uses to transform into their rider forms will come complete with diecast grips and 4 core parts that you can dock on the main driver which includes Alpha, Omega, Sigma and the bloodshot version of the Omega core, the Amazon Scythe that can be combined with the grip, has 2 buttons that plays the ending themes for the series (Armour Zone and DIE SET DOWN) and pre-recorded lines from the rider actors of the series and an Amazons Register.

The Complete Selection Modification Amazons Driver is a premium Bandai exclusive and will cost 27,500 yen and is scheduled to be released this December 2019.

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