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Kamen Rider ZI-O Episode 43 & 44 Summary: Schwar'z Secret Finally Revealed! Kamen Rider Aqua Appears!

Thanks to this scanned pages from a recent TV guide for the upcoming Kamen Rider ZI-O episodes and translated by Filip, we now know the secret behind Schwarz and that a certain Kamen Rider from the future will make an appearance!

While fighting another zi-o 2, tsukuyomi is captured by the enemy. waiting ahead is swartz, who tells her that he's her older brother, which bothers her. on the other hand, ora and uhr take action against swartz, who plans to take the place of oma zi-o. ironically, their lives are saved by sougo and his allies.

A Visitor from an unknown future appears before Sougo and the others. Geiz and Tsukuyomi crossing time and staying in the present seems to cause danger for the future and the visitors plan to take them back. Note that Kamen Rider Aqua will be joining them in the 44th episode of the series.

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