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Ultraman Taiga - All New Toy Catalog Revealed Featuring New Power-up Form & Episode Count Revealed

Check-out these newly revealed scans from the latest toy catalog for the Ultraman Taiga series featuring an all new power-up form for our titular hero!

In the first scanned image, we are introduced to an all new power-up item called the Taiga Tri-Blade that grants Taiga the power to transform into Ultraman Taiga Tri Strium. The sword can summon 3 kinds of flame that represents Taiga, Titus and Fuma and can also combine this flame for more powerful attacks.

Then we have the Plasma Zero-let, a new power-up item that grants him the power of Ultraman Zero in which he can perform more powerful attacks along with this is the DX Ultra Accessory Set 04 which consist of the Trisquad-let, Gigadelos Ring and Gorothunder Ring.

All of these plus it was reported in the official M-78 website that Ultraman Taiga will run in a total of 24 episodes.

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