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Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE - First Mobile Suit/Gunpla Entries Revealed

Excited for the upcoming new Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE series which will premiere this October? Well, before that, let's all get to know the first mecha entries thanks to Bandai Spirit

Core Gundam - The main hero, Kuga Hiroto's customized 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam that is light weight, easy maneuvering for for the Planet Weapon sets. 

Earthree Gundam - The Core Gundam uses the Earth Armor in this configuration which is armed with a beam rifle complete with a built-in energy pack and a shield for defense.

Marsfour Gundam - For those extreme close quarter combat, the Core Gundam equips the Mars Planet armor, equipping itself with various melee weapons including the Slash Blade which can also combine to become one weapon just like the OO Quan T Gundam.

Veetwo Gundam - The third configuration that the Core Gundam can equip using the Venus Planet armor. Armed with missile launchers and a backpack cannon and can hover on ground with ease.

Gundam Justice Knight - A customized Infinite Justice Gundam owned by Kazumi equipped with a Shot Lancer as its primary weapon.

Wodom Pod - A Gunpla that is based on the Walking Dome mobile suit seen in Mobile Suit Turn A Gundam that can perform long range fighting attacks using its legs and other armaments and is owned by May.

Gundragon Valkylander Mode - A customize Gunpla in the shape of a dragon owned by Parviz. It's fighting performance and abilities are still unknown.

Gundam Zeltzam - A mysterious customized Gundam MKIII kit with a classifies fighting performance and ability.

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