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Seiji Takaiwa Thanks His Fans For All Their Support

With Kamen Rider ZI-O finally ended its run yesterday, the legendary Mr. Kamen Rider Seiji Takaiwa has posted a tweet thanking his fans for their support on his work in Super Sentai, Metal Hero and specially Kamen Rider. 

Here's the translation for the tweet:

"After yesterday's final broadcast of ZI-O, we have received many greetings and praises from all of you! To all the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai actors and staff whom I've worked with in the past 18 years, they have also sent a lot of messages congratulating us. I would like to use this opportunity to each and everyone of you in return. Again, thank you very much."

Seiji Takaiwa will be passing the torch to Yuya Nawata, who will be the one in charge of suiting up as  Kamen Rider Zero-One. Thank you very much for this legacy that you have left us Mr. Kamen Rider!

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