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Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 03 Title & Summary

Next weekend on Kamen Rider Zero-One, we will finally get to see the A.I.M.S. ordinance and tech supervisor Yua Yaiba transform into Kamen Rider Valkyrie!

Episode 03 "That man is a sushi chef" 9/15/10

"Aruto's days as the president and CEO of Hiden Intelligence have now begun! Aruto and Izu decide to go and visit the 3-star sushi restaurant Magokoro Sushi, where a HumaGear sushi chef will have a Nigiro program installed. Aruto and the others are visiting several workplaces around the city advising them about the dangerous actions that have taken to hijack AI HumaGear systems. It was just then however, that the technical adviser for A.I.M.S., Yua Yaiba, suddenly pays a visit to the same sushi restaurant..."

Source: SpecialForm12

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