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DX Taiga Tri-Blade Promotional Video

Bandai's official youtube channel has posted the promotional video for the DX Taiga Tri-Blade, Ultraman Taiga's new power-up weapon from the TV series.

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1 Response
  1. Ndin Says:

    SERIOUSLY another toy and "Gimmick" I can't say for the show but I wonder if it good?

    I watch a few EP here and there and........Seriously he's the SON of Taro GRANDCHILD of Ultra Father. They just can't get the "Thurder" right with Taiga as they did with Zero......As for the new generation....There not much spark as they did during OG to Tiga as well as Tiga to Mebius. Out of all the new Ultra.... I don't think the "sauce" is as good as the old one. I watch ginga virtory X Orb Greed all of them just don't have the same "Life" or "spark" as my time with Tiga to Mebius. I'm Malaysian call it bias but Ribut (Storm) A PERFECT MIX OF OLD AND NEW

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