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Hurricanger's Nobuo Kyo Announces His Marriage & Birth Of His Daughter

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger's Nobuo Kyo, who portrayed the role of Gouraijer's Ishuu Kasumi/Kuwagata Raijer, has announced on his blog that his is now married and that they already have their first child.

The announcement was made last October 6th and its was stated that he was married last year, February 2018, to a non-celebrity woman and that their daughter was born on the 24th of last month and that his wife and their first born were both well and healthy.

Nobuo Kyo's recent tokusatsu role was that of Mido Einosuke/Kamen Rider Amazon Neo Alpha, the main villain in the Kamen Rider Amazons movie.

Source: Oricon

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