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Kamen Rider Zero-One - Enter Zero-One Shining Hopper & Vulcan Assault Wolf!

And it's time for our first quarter power-up forms to enter the action as the latest issues of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine brings you these new scans featuring Kamen Rider Zero-One Shining Hopper and Kamen Rider Vulcan Assault Wolf with translations from Filip!

With the help of the new Shining Hopper ProgRise Key, Aruto will evolve his default form, the Rising Hopper, into its new and powerful version, Shining Hopper. His new finisher is called Shinning Mega Impact where he kicks his enemy multiple times.

As for the captain of the A.I.M.S squad, Fuwa will acquire the Assault Wolf ProgRise Key and Assault Grip that will increase his fighting powers and speed as Kamen Rider Vulcan Assault Wolf!

If Shinning Hopper's powers are not enough, Aruto will also equip the Assault Grip with the Shining Hopper ProgRise Key to evolve into Kamen Rider Zero-One Shining Assault Hopper! Are with the AuthoRise Buster that can transform into a rifle and an axe, his finishing move is called the Shining Storm Impact!

Plus, in the upcoming Hyper Battle DVD, Aruto will transform into Kamen Rider Zero-One Hopping Kangaroo! What kind of secret does he hide in his pouch?

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1 Response
  1. BC21 Says:

    It'd be cool if for example we know the base form JUMP!, then the mid-season from said HOP!, & Zero-One's final form says LEAP!.

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