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Toy Photography: Sougo - Toki no Ouja

In this mini album, my concept is that of Grand Zi-O and Oma Zi- fighting side by side. Enjoy!

For this photoshoot, our subjects are SO-DO Grand Zi-O and Oma Zi-O.

While Oma Zi-O never actually used any weapons at all in all of his appearances, he technically could still use the Saikyo Jikan Girade, so I equipped it. Since I had the younger Sougo as Oma Zi-O in mind, I gave him the spare sword from Zi-O II.

Grand Zi-O here is equipped with both the Saikyo Jikan Girade and the Ride Heiseiber. The Ride Heiseiber was taken from the Decade Armor Ex-Aid XXR Form. In the show, Grand Zi-O used the Ride Heiseiber against Another Zi-O II's summoned Another Riders.

Sougo's Final Forms (in-show) fighting side by side.

And a post-battle pose.

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini album. I definitely would like to make an updated version when Zi-O Oma Form comes out, hopefully.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

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