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Will The 3rd Space Squad Movie Ever Happen?

Yes folks, that's the biggest question that needed to be answered. A year has passed since we saw the last Space Squad movie and now, everybody is waiting for the third movie but there are no news whatsoever. Will it still happen?

We all saw the after credits that transpired in the Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger VS SPACE SQUAD movie where Jiraiya sent a report to their captain, Geki Jumonji/Gavan, that the Genma Kukai and the 12 criminal organizations are wrecking havoc and causing disasters and this is where Geki suggested some new team members that specializes in rescue operations and enter captain Ryoma Kagawa/Fire (or is it a new armor operator), the leader of the Special Rescue Winspector team (who later became KnightFire in Solbrain) prompting us of a 3rd Space Squad movie.

According to Nihon Hero, the SPACE SQUAD recently talked about a 3rd movie that will involve the rescue Metal Hero teams with a script already drafted along with a 35th anniversary Machine Man movie but was later scrapped.

Will we ever see another SPACE SQUAD movie? Who knows? Only Toei and time will tell.

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4 Responses
  1. I really hope that they will continue in some way. I need more Metal Heroes in Legend Wars. But in all seriousness, the Metal Heroes need some love and I was really excited for the continuation.

  2. Guys, Toei is too focused on Ryusoulger right now. Isn't that why Kamen Rider Zi-O sucked like shit? I doubt they would make a 3rd Space Squad movie anytime soon

  3. Tom Says:

    Just disapointed by Genmakuu. Contraction between genmukai world in sharivan and makuu for Gavan.
    By the way, sharivan disapeared.
    Hope to see more Metal Hero as Winspector,Jaspion or Jiban.
    But the cross over with sentai are not very interesting

  4. Unknown Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

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