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DX Heisei Kamen Rider ProgRise Keys Revealed

For those ProgRise Key collector who are wishing for more of the heisei rider, Bandai has revealed that the are releasing ProgRise Keys featuring Kamen Riders from the start and end of the heisei era series from Kuuga to ZI-O.

Here are the list of the following DX ProgRise Keys:
  • Rider Timing ZI-O
  • Best Matching Build 
  • Level Upping EX-AID
  • Gogogogoing Ghost 
  • Tire Changing Ghost 
  • Counting W
  • Kamen Riding Decade
  • Wake Upping Kiva 
  • Ore Visiting Den-O
  • Clock Upping Kabuto 
  • Turn Upping Blade
  • Exceed Charging Faiz
  • Final Venting Ryuki
  • Thumbs Upping Kuuga

While here are the list of SG and GP ProgRise Key sets:
  • Tatoba Singing OOO and Triple Finishing Agito (SG)
  • Magic Showing Wizard and Drumming Hibiki (GP)

And finally, Space Timing Fourze is set to be released as a special prize for Ganbarizing game players. All Heisei Rider ProgRise Keys are scheduled for release on 2020.

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Not to nitpick but, hopefully this should be the last time we see Legend Rider collectable trinkets. The Heisei era should be forgotten by now.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Might want to fix the minor fault in the list for Drive!

    Gogogogoing Ghost
    Tire Changing Ghost
    Counting W

    This comment doesn't need to be published, just a heads up with an easy contact method.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I always LOVED the unseen semblance of Decade's logo looking like a menacing skull when inverted.

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