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JEFusion Idol Talk - SKE48 Releases Music Video for 26th Single

SKE48 Releases the music video for their 26th single "Sou iu koto aru yo ne?"

26th single promotional banner

Akari Suda takes center position for the first time!

Akari Suda
Other participating members are:

Ruka Inoue, Yoshino Kitagawa, Kano Nojima, Yuki Arai, Yuna Ego, Mina Oba, Sarina Souda, Saki Takeuchi, Yuzuki Hidaka, Nao Furuhata, Yuka Asai, Natsuki Kamata, Kaho Sato, Ouka Suenaga, and Yuki Takahata

Sou iu koto aru yo ne? goes on sale January 15, 2020.

See the MV here!

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