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Kamen Rider Episode 19 Title & Summary

The second battle for the fate of Hiden Intelligence begins! Can Aruto manage to get a win on this one against Gai?

Episode 19 "The girl who's a real estate HumaGear" 1/19/20

"ZAIA Enterprise has successfully beaten Hiden Intelligence at the first match of the "5 Step Workplace Competition!" The next step in the competition involves selling houses, according to ZAIA's president, which consists in which company can sell more houses and make the most money, pitting Humagears against humans wearing ZAIASpec devices! ZAIA will work alongside the industry's top real-estate salespeople, while Hiden will make use of the real-estate  type Humagear, Sumida Smile, whose motto is "Selling and living with a smile!" But just where exactly is this game headed? And who is the mysterious hooded figure spreading the RaidRisers around the city?"

Source: SpecialForm12

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