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Kamen Rider Series To Be Legally Available In North America Soon?

Still waiting for the day that Kamen Rider will be available in US territories? Well, news is that there are hints coming out from various sources regarding that possibility. Read all about it after the break.

Recently, twitter user @GurahkWeaville asked Kamen Rider producer Shinichiro Shirakura this question where he replied:

And then, Bluefin Brands, the team responsible for bringing Kamen Rider merchandise in the United state also posted a tweet regarding their visit to the SHOUT! Factory (who are also responsible for bringing Super Sentai to the US) office. 

Finally, August Ragone himself posted a tweet of Kamen Rider possibly coming to America very soon.

Will the Kamen Rider series finally reach US shores? Let's all wait and see and hope that this is just not a dream but something that will be realized soon.

Source: Nihon Hero 

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yea because releasing sentai really worked out for shout, they haven't had a sentai release for months

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I sincerely hope it doesn't.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    can they then please be brought over to europe then as having to import them from the usa is super expencive and can be tricky if you dont have a region free DVD player

  4. This would help me out since I never got around to finishing certain series like Agito & Ryuki. Maybe they'll have the summer movies, too!

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