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Mashin Sentai Kiramaiger - Suit Actors Revealed

The official Mashin Sentai Kiramager twitter page has posted the names of all the ranger, support, villain and mecha suit actors. Read all about 'em after the break!

And here are the complete list of suit actors:

Shigeki Ito (Ryusoul Red, Lupin/Patren X) - Kiramei Red

Masato Tsutamune (Ryusoul Green, Zamigo, Scorpio) - Kiramei Yellow
Ryoko Gomi (Patren #3, Washi Pink, Zyuoh Shark) - Kiramei Green
Yasuhiro Takeuchi (Ryusoul Black, Lupin Blue, Ookami Blue) - Kiramei Blue
Ayumi Shimozono (Ryusoul Pink, Lupin Yellow, Chameleon Green) - Kiramei Pink
Keizo Yabe (Tankjoh, Hebitsukai Silver, and many MotW) - Galza
Naoko Kamio (Kleon, Dogranio, Koguma Skyblue) - Kurantula
Mizuho Nogawa (Jim Carter, Madakko, Momo Ninger) - Princess Mabushiina
Yohei Fujita (KishiryuOh, Destra Maggio, Houoh Soldier) - Kirameijin and King Oladin

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Saw this floating around online. Doubt it's real. Sixth ranger rumors l. Could be black?


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