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New Information For Voltes V Legacy Series Released

After the minute trailer's release, check-out this new information from the upcoming Voltes V Legacy live-action series that will premiere this year!
And here's the information from Powerplay Ware:

"We got new information about the upcoming Voltes V live-action remake by GMA 7, and from the looks of things, the director; Mark Reyes and his team are indeed determined to make this adaptation of the beloved Super Robot right. Some of the information we got from Voltes V groups and reddit, even some exchanges between the director himself giving some light as to who did the CGI as seen on that amazing teaser trailer.
Apparently the entire production of the teaser trailer (and yes that includes that amazing shot of Voltes V and his redesign) are all done here in the Philippines by GMA in partnership with Riot Inc. Post Production with the supervision and approval by TOEI. Now if that information is not enough, we also got info that unlike past GMA shows that were rushed to air, GMA instead will be adapting a similar format of shooting and doing post production work of the ENTIRE SERIES before even episode one goes on air, similar to what is being done in the US for their shows. This means, that they will ENSURE that the quality of each episode is really good which includes the CGI, the direction, script etc.

With that information released, Filipino fans will be expecting big time on this ambitious 5 year project from GMA-7 and Toei. Now let's all wait for the big news regarding the main cast and release date. 

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