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Noa Tsurushima Disappointed At Fans Filming Her Without Her Consent

Recently, everybody's favorite HumaGear waifu and actress posted a tweet expressing her disappointment at fans who are filming and taking pictures of her without her consent.

Here's the translation of the said tweet:

"It's not good to take a hidden picture in a train station or anywhere and i have no choice but to stop them. No matter how good your intentions are, it is still wrong because i see many people doing things like that. I feel bad that day."

Well, all i can say is that, even though she is very popular right now, people like her still needs space and privacy and some fans should stop doing this because it is just plain old harassment. If some of those fans would really like a picture of her or other stars, approach them and kindly ask if you can get a minute with them and maybe they can give you that time you wanted too. 

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1 Response
  1. The behavior she's talking about is how we get actors who hate us fans and the shows we love them for. Back off or she'll become like Kyousuke Hamao (Gosei Black)

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