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Sacred Guardian Singa Concept Trailer Released

Check-out this well-made concept trailer for Sacred Guardian Singa, a cool looking live-action Singaporean tokusatsu superhero inspired by Japan's Kamen Rider!

And here is the plot and information for Sacred Guardian Singa:

"Sacred Guardian Singa is the story of a young man intent on forging his own path, who must come to terms with a power he is destined to inherit from a past life, in order to defend the future of humanity against an evil cult that seeks to free their leader from his centuries-long imprisonment within the fabled Crown of Nila Utama.

Inspired by popular long-running Tokusatsu (SFX) programs such as Kamen Rider, Sacred Guardian Singa firmly embraces its Singaporean & Southeast Asian origin by incorporating the region’s shared history & mythology into its lore, all while telling a contemporary superhero story that deals with identity, purpose and destiny.

Singaporean actor/stuntman Kasimir Poh Cieslak plays Ryan Leong (Best Actor in a Dramedy, Asia Web Awards 2019), who assumes the mantle of Singa. He is joined by actors Dorothy Leong (Ex-Losers 3, MediaCorp Channel 5), Sherly Devonne Ng (Love Shop, Viddsee Studios; Tanglin, MediaCorp Channel 5) and Kris Mavericko, rounding up the lead cast."

Sacred Guardian Singa is a 14 year project that was brought to us by TokuAsia, a Singaporean tokusatsu community, headed by Basil Yeo, that became a digital media entertainment in hope to kickstart this project and turn Singa into an all new superhero franchise.

For more information about Sacred Guardian Singa and how to join the kickstarter, please visit their official facebook page and lets all help in bringing this new breed of hero!

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have watch mentaya hero r-vigil ? Its really really good tokusatsu. Its made by w2h channel in youtube

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