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AIMS Narikiri Set Now on Sale

Wanna be part of AIMS? Then check out the AIMS Narikiri Set!

Wanna know how it's like to be Isamu? Then try opening this special Shooting Wolf Progrise Key! (Heads up it won't)

Wanna know the secret of how Yua can spin her Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key? Now we know! With the attached ring behind it!

You will also get the AIMS custom Rise Phone with the AIMS special phone case!

Learn how to PROPERLY use the Progrise Keys in this instruction video!

The narikiri set has its own original sounds but please note that the Progrise Keys are NOT compatible with the DX Zero One sets.

The entire set is now available for pre-order from Premium Bandai at 5280 Yen and will be released by July 2020.


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