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American Version Of Gavan To Appear In Power Rangers Beast Morphers?

Could this be possible? An american version of the legendary father of Metal Heroes to appear in an episode of the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers? Read-on after the break!

Jack Buchanan

Manu Reynaud

It was reported that award winning actor Jack Buchanan has been credited as "Chaku" while stunt suit actor Manu Reynaud (who is Cruise's suit actor) was also credited as the one who will suit-up as Chaku.

It looks like the series will adapt the 2-part crossover and Uchuu Keiji Gavan movie promotion episodes from Tokumei Sentai  Go-Buster where the Gb-busters teamed-up with the still rookie Gavan Type G!

Chaku... JouChaku. That's a good one, Hasbro. For now, let's all take this one with a grain of salt. Special Thanks to our buddies at  Ranger Wiki for this great news!

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2 Responses
  1. If true, it's not TERRIBLY groundbreaking. It's cool, dont get me wrong, but Ninja Steel already adapted Jiraiya, so Metal Heroes are fair game if they guest star in Sentai.

  2. should've used it for Ryan's disappeared dad tho

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