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Bandai Releases Images and Details of YU-DO Kiramager

A month before Kiramager even begins airing, Bandai already releases a new toy line called YU-DO X, featuring Mashin Sentai Kiramager!

Kiramai Yellow and Green

Kiramai Blue and Pink

Item set (sold separately) contains open hand parts, 2 Kiramai Shots, a Kiramai Sword, and another Kiramai Shot used to combine with the Kiramai Sword for the Kiramai Buster.

Unlike previous YU-DO figures, the Kiramagers now have waist joints for extra movement and poseability!

YU-DO X Kiramager is sceduled to come out April 2020.


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1 Response
  1. Anonymous Says:

    They look cool and new. I hope kiramager will be adapted into a new PR season with the new titles "Power Rangers JEWEL ENGINE".

    Now the new question is: What will the 6th kiramager (future 6th Jewel Engine Ranger) look like as one of the similarities of the past 6th sentai warriors (the past 6th rangers, except Robo Knight or any other extra Megaforce Ranger)?

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