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Kamen Rider Zero-One - Izu Finds A Solution To Control Zero-One's Metal Cluster Hopper Form!

It's been 2 episodes since Aruto gained an uncontrollable, rage fueled evolution in the form of Metal Cluster Hopper. How can he gain control of his sanity in this form? Enter our HumaGear waifu to the rescue! Warning: may contain spoilers!

To counter the berserker rage of the Metal Cluster Hopper form, Izu, with the help of ZEA, creates the newest weapon, the ProgRise Hopper Blade, that will help control and pacify the rage that Gai's ProgRise Key does to Aruto's mind.

Other than that, guest stars from past episodes of the Kamen Rider Zero-One TV series will also return to reprise their HumaGear roles.

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1 Response
  1. Well we saw Metal Cluster Hopper holding some funky looking blade at the preview of the next episode anyways, so this makes sense.

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