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Kamen Rider Zero-One - Jin Is Back From The Dead! A Rampaging New Form For Vulcan & Valkyrie Becomes A Raider!

Looks like the month of March will be the time for our supporting Riders to shine (and a shining new team will also debut) as new forms for Kamen Rider Vulcan, Valkyrie and a revived Jin will crash into action!

Our hot blooded secondary hero, Fuwa, will acquire the Rampage Gatling ProgRise Key, which contains the data of the past ProgRise Keys throughout the series, allowing him to transform into his new new power-up form, Kamen Rider Rampage Vulcan! 

In this new form, Vulcan can access the abilities of the 10 organisms from the ProgRise Keys, giving him super strength, speed and attack power. his finisher is called the Gatling Blast/Burst Fever and All Rampage which he will use to get his payback against Thouzer! 

Just when we thought that he was permanently offline, Horob's partner, Jin, is back with a vengeance and an all new form!

Using the new weapon/transformation item created by ZAIA called the SlashRiser and the burning Falcon ProgRise Key, he will transform into Kamen Rider Jin Burning Falcon! We will be seeing this brand new Jin in action this coming weekend!

As for our favorite rider heroine, Yuwa Yaiba will acquire the Fighting Jackal ProgRise Key and instead of a ShotRiser, she will use a RaidRiser to transform into Jackal Raider and will team-up with his boss and hunt down our hero, Aruto!

This month of March, Horobi, who has finally escaped the clutches of A.I.M.S., will revive, along with his new allay, the mysterious cloaked figure, and a revived Ikazuchi  and continue his plans of eradicating the human race!

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4 Responses
  1. jon o`brian Says:

    uh Why?!

  2. So Fuwa's final form for the season discards the possibility of Aruto's being an all ProgRise Keys abilities in one, that's good.

    Yua really needs a proper power up in April or May to shorten distances with Aruto and Fuwa, she's the tertiary Rider of this season, not Jin and he got a PU before her.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    That's Awesome

  4. Anonymous Says:

    "his boss". Ouch.

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