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Classic 1971 Kamen Rider TV Series Now Legally Streaming In American Shores

Good news to all American Kamen Rider fans as Shout! Factory has started to stream the original 1971 Kamen Rider TV series in the TubiTV website!

"Shocker, a mysterious worldwide terrorist organization formed by remaining members of the Nazis. To further its plans for world domination, Shocker recruited its agents through kidnapping, turning their victims into mutant cyborgs and, ultimately, brainwashing them. However, one victim named Takeshi Hongo escaped just before the final brainwashing. With his sanity and moral conscience intact, Takeshi battled Shocker's minions as the grasshopper-themed altered human superhero Kamen Rider. Another victim of the altered human process, freelance photographer Hayato Ichimonji, became Kamen Rider 2 after Kamen Rider, who renamed himself as "Kamen Rider 1", saved him from Shocker's brainwashing. Assisted by motorcycle race team manager Tobei Tachibana and FBI agent Kazuya Taki, the Kamen Riders fought in both solo and partnered missions against Shocker and its successor organization, Gel-Shocker."

Shout! Factory confirmed that they will be streaming all 98 episodes of the original 1971 TV series for american fans for enjoy and relive the classic adventures of Ichigo and Nigo.

Source: Hero-Club

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2 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    Note - as of this writing, the only part of the series visible on TubiTV is the title poster itself. It cannot be viewed, queued, streamed or searched.

  2. Update: it seems it was put up by mistake and won't go up until the 17th.

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