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Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 27 Title & Summary

Gai's desperation to win the 5-step workplace competition is rising to the point of stooping low and Aruto is not going to take that kind of behavior! That and Gai also goes for the newly revived Jin!

Episode 27"I won't give up on these lives" 3/15/20

"A real fire has been started after a Raider sabotaged the 4th round of Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Enterprise's "5-Round Workplace Showdown!" Therefore, a rescue operation to save Vice President Fukuzoe, Senior Managing Director Yamashita, and their Humagear Secretary Shiesta, between humans and Humagears is now currently underway! The Firefighter-Type Humagear Ichiichi Kyunosuke, after being taught the importance of never giving up on people's lives by fire commander Homura, finds the most likely rescue route to be blocked by rubble! Meanwhile, Aruto goes after the Raider who was the one responsible for this attack!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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