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Mashin Sentai Kiramager - King Express Goes To Battle In Full Speed

Next month on Mashin Sentai Kiramager, an all new mecha will debut rushing on the railways of victory; enter King Express!

Tomorrow morning, we will be seeing Garza in action for the first time and along with him, he brings a T-Rex like mecha, born of the Black Kiramai Stone, called Smogg Jouki. This new threat is so powerful that Kiramajin is having a hard time beating it. It will be soon revealed that Smogg Jouki is actually a Mashin!

To even up the battle, Juru creates an all new Mashin, the Mashin Express, out of the White Kiramai Stone. After defeating Smogg Jouki, it will become the Mashin Jouki.

Eventually, Mashin Express and Mashin Jouki will combine to transform the Kiramager's all new mecha, King Express.

Finally, we will be also be meeting the Yodonheim leader, Emperor Yodon. What kind of threat will he bring on our sparkling heroes?

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