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Premium Bandai Announces Ryusouken Memorial Edition

To commemorate the ending of Ryusoulger, Premium Bandai Announces the release of Ryusouken Memorial Edition!

Compared to the DX Ryusouken which is about 380mm long, the Memorial Edition is about 700mm long, practically making it a 1/1 scale replica! It also includes a Red Ryusoul.

The Ryusouken Memorial Edition contains voice recordings of all 6 Ryusoulgers and 3 BGMs, including the Rysoulger theme song!

There are also sound effects of all the Kishiryu that appeared throughout the show included!

Pre-orders for the Ryusouken Memorial edition will last until April 20, 2020 priced at 16500 Yen, and will be shipped out by September 2020.


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1 Response
  1. Unknown Says:

    I really thought that there was going to be a v cinema spin off of ryusoulger

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