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Introducing Kiramai Silver's Actor

Meet the actor who will portray Takamichi Crystalia, also known as Kiramai Silver!

Takamichi will be portrayed by Kouhei Shouji, who will be making his acting debut!

Kouhei states in an interview that he was unable to meet the other actors yet but has received advice from Mio Kudo (Sayo Ooharu/Kiramai Pink).

Kouhei is part of Oscar Promotion's all-male entertainment troupe Omotesando X which includes other notable tokusatsu actors such as Sentai veterans Akihisa Shino (Kyoryugreen) and Kaito Nakamua (Kininger), Kamen Riders such as Shun Nishime (Kamen Rider Ghost), Hiroki Iijima (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid), and Sou Okuno (Kamen Rider Zi-O), and GARO series actor Wataru Kuriyama (Yami wo Terasu Mono and Gold Storm).

Takamichi is described as a treasure hunter with a highly positive attitude. He also has the tendency to add "wonder" in anything he says. In battle he fights using superhuman strength and uses the drill-type weapon the Shiny Breaker. While it is a coincidence that he shares his name with the planet Crystalia, there seems to be a deeper connection.

Takamichi will make his appearance sometime in June.

Watch Kouhei Shouji's introduction here


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  1. At least, we HOPE he gets to meet them in June.

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