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JEFusion Idol Talk - NMB48 Releases MV for "Datte datte datte"

NMB48 gives us the full music video for their 23rd single "Datte datte datte"!

Serving as double centers are Kokona Umeyama and Ayaka Yamamoto.

Other members participating are Yuka Kato, Chihiro Kawakami, Karin Kojima, Haruka Sadano, Nagisa Shibuya, Rei Jonishi, Miru Shiroma, Nao Shinzawa, Karen Hara, Haasa Minami, Sae Murase, Momone Yasuda, Sumire Yokono, and Akari Yoshida.

Datte datte datte comes out May 13, 2020.

See the MV here!

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