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Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 31 Title & Summary

After proving to Gai what it takes to be a president of a company, Aruto starts over and decides to build his own company that, like the former, specializes in HumaGear.

Episode 31 "Take off toward your dream" 4/12/20

"Aruto has created and founded a new company, known as Hiden Manufacturing Co. Ltd.! All of a sudden a new client rushes in to see them! "I want to help people who are being affected by the sudden disappearances of their Humagears!" It was none other than Soichiro Seki, the famous manga artist who had previously enlisted the assistance of the Manga Artist-Type Humagear, Morifude G-Pen! He wishes for G-Pen, who has been deactivated ever since ZAIA shut down the Humagears, to be reactivated again! Aruto decides to help by using a "turnover" system to restart G-Pen once again!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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