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Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 32 Title & Summary

Aruto's new self established company, Hiden Manufacturing, is on the roll and this time, a modeling event organizer is in need of his help big time!

Episode 32 "My pride! The runway of dreams!" 4/19/20

"Hiden Manufacturing, created and founded by Aruto, has become the leading company supporting individuals who have lost their Humagears! The customer this time is a man in charge of casting models for fashion shows! Luckily, the charismatic Model-Type Humagear Delmo, was one of the Humagears they were able to recover after ZAIA's sudden suspension of Humagear services! Furthermore, Delmo's presence is required in order to hold a successful fashion show! Aruto then decides to restore her data using her respective Progrise Key, however, ZAIA's interference has also been growing relative to the success of Hiden Manufacturing!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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